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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Star Tunnel (Atari 2600)

STAR TUNNEL (Atari 2600)

Lost in an alien galaxy, surrounded by strange creatures and hunted by unknown vicious warriors. Sounds bad enough, right? And then there is the radiation. Looking for the Star Tunnel that will get you home is your only option for survival, but everything in the damn things give off radiation. It is a race against time as much as it is a battle against the locals. They know why you are in these tunnels and have set up blockades to prevent you from escaping.

Some of the local creatures are not attacking you and are innocent bystanders. Hit them by mistake and they release radiation, you do get points for their destruction if you have the health to survive.

The Radiation Monitor is a graphic display of your radiation exposure.  You begin each game with a strong, steady heartbeat.  EACH TIME YOUR
SHIP CRASHES INTO ANY OBJECT, THE EXPOSURE INCREASES.  Every time the slower hand of the Time Clock completes a cycle, your radiation exposure increases.  A flat heart rate means that you have
lost the battle due to radiation death.

You should attempt to shoot any HEARTS you see in order to release its healing properties.  Blasting HEARTS is the only way you can reduce your radiation level.  Allowing one to pass you by has no
adverse effects, but don't run into it.

Along the way you will encounter  Sentry Saucers, Defense Rockets, Bacta Ships, Alien Skull Barriers, Space Beetles and other obstacles in the Star Tunnels. Can you find the right one to send you home?

Star Tunnel will be a Limited Edition release of 30 cartridges. There are two different label versions, Lifa and Death. 15 copies of each version.

Star Tunnel will be available the first week of July 2016.