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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lilys Woods (Atari 2600)

The Sneakers have taken your toys and scattered them thru-out the woods. You must make your way past the sneakers and their gang to rescue all of your toys.

This is a kid-friendly version of Pitfall created for the youngest Atari Fan that I know. I hope Lily enjoys playing the game.

Posted Image

Here are the changes made from the original Pitfall:

Full Graphic changes(Based on the Alien Planet Hack)
Reduced number of Sneakers(Logs) that appear
Non-Lethal enemies
  Chomps(Gators) are harmless. When mouth is open they knock you into the Pit.
   All other enemies just take away points.
Pits are now harmless. You just fall into the underground.
Removed walls in the underground.
Pit warning indicator. Allows you to see when a pit is opening/closing

Only ten copies of the game were made. It has a special pink cartridge and a full color instruction manual.

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